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Why Use a Buy-to-Let Mortgage Broker?

When it comes to securing the finest buy-to-let mortgages, our distinguished partner stands out for a multitude of compelling reasons:


1. Vast Network of Lenders


With access to an extensive network of 45 lenders, Lendlord possesses the reach and expertise to match you with the very best mortgage options available in the market for your property.


2. Competitive Rates


The cornerstone of investment success lies in securing advantageous financial terms. Our partner broker excels in the ability to secure highly competitive interest rates and favourable mortgage terms, greatly enhancing the profitability of your buy-to-let property.


3. Tailored Solutions


At Lendlord, they adopt a personalised approach, meticulously tailoring mortgages to harmonise with your unique needs and individual circumstances.


4. Swift Application


Bid farewell to the days of being inundated by paperwork. Lendlord offers an expedited application process that revolutionises the way you acquire a buy-to-let mortgage. By simply completing an application and responding to a brief questionnaire, you will swiftly receive a comprehensive list of personalised recommendations.


5. Effortless Process


This buy-to-let mortgage brokerage champions a streamlined application process designed to minimise administrative complexities, affording you the precious gift of more time to focus on the grander picture of your property investment journey.

Why Get a Buy-to-Let Mortgage in Liverpool?

Growth Past 5 Years


Rental Yield


Popular areas for investment

Bootle, Baltic Triangle & Wavertree

Average Price


Liverpool’s economy has diversified and is now thriving in sectors such as digital and creative industries, healthcare, and education. Liverpool’s cultural appeal (being the birthplace of The Beatles) along with attractions like the Albert Dock and Liverpool Cathedral, draws tourists and residents alike.


Areas such as the Baltic Triangle, known for its creative and digital businesses, and the Knowledge Quarter, a hub for educational and medical institutions, are especially appealing for investors. 


Liverpool’s quality of life, enhanced by its vibrant city centre, extensive parks, and lively music scene, attracts a wide range of tenants. Additionally, the city’s transport links, including Liverpool John Lennon Airport and major rail connections, add to its attractiveness. 


With ongoing urban regeneration projects and the city’s economic growth, Liverpool presents a compelling case for property investment, offering the potential for both rental income and capital appreciation.

How to Find the Best BTL Mortgages?

Discovering the perfect buy-to-let mortgage has never been more straightforward and streamlined:


1) commence with the Application: Initiate your journey by completing a brief questionnaire that grants us insight into your property investment objectives and property particulars.


2) Tailored Mortgage Selections: Our cutting-edge system will evaluate your responses and meticulously craft a list of mortgage alternatives ideally matched to your unique prerequisites.


3) Deliberate Your Options: Dedicate time to assess the customised mortgage selections we’ve designed for you, ensuring they harmonise seamlessly with your investment strategy.


4) Effortless Preliminary Application: Progress to a non-binding ‘soft application’ submission to your chosen lender, a step that leaves your credit score unaffected.

5) Anticipate Professional Guidance: Prepare for a swift response from the lender, primed to engage in a comprehensive discussion about your application, ironing out the finer details and offering guidance every step of the way.

Access 45 Lenders

Are you prepared to streamline your quest for a buy-to-let mortgage, gaining access to personalised solutions tailored for your Liverpool property? Simply fill out the complimentary questionnaire above – it merely requires a few minutes of your time.


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