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Is your house flip worth doing?

Property Flip ROI Calculator

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Are you eyeing up a property, wondering if it could make for a profitable house flip? Use our UK Property Flip Calculator to help you make an informed and data-based decision.  This tool is designed to make property flipping easier, allowing you to quickly judge a potential flip by looking at its profitability and ROI.

What Does the Property Flip Calculator Do?

The Property Flip ROI Calculator is your one-stop shop for assessing the financial viability of a house flip project. Simply enter in the details of the project you’re considering and the tool will present you with essential metrics such as gross profit, net profit, return on investment (ROI), and cash investment required.

Why Use Our Property Flip ROI Calculator?

Unlike most property flipping calculators, our tool is tailored for UK property investors, offering insights and figures that align with the unique dynamics of the UK property market. 


Additionally, our calculator doesn’t just stop at number-crunching – it goes the extra mile by allowing you to apply for a bridging loan through the tool itself. If the property flip has the potential to be profitable, and offers an ROI that you’re happy with, you can export these figures into the bridging loan application form, making the process all the easier for you.

How to use the Property Flip Tool?

1. Purchase details – enter in the purchase price, stamp duty, closing costs and refurbishment costs. The calculator will tally all of these up for you.


2. Loan details (if using one) – If you’re using a loan (mortgage or bridging loan) to fund the house flip, enter the LTV, monthly interest rate and other associated fees.


3. Monthly holding costs – consider the monthly cost of insuring the property, paying the utilities and council tax, and potentially any maintenance costs. 


4. Sale details – try to estimate your holding period (on average, a house flip takes between 6 and 9 months), enter your predicted end value and the commission of the agent you plan to use for selling the property (if using one).


5. House Flip Profit and ROI Calculated 

The property flip calculator will present you with an array of metrics by which you can judge the potential of this house flip. The most important one being the net profit and the house flip ROI.

Finance This Deal

So, the projected ROI for that potential property flip is looking promising – what’s your next step?


If the numbers stack up and you’re considering moving forward, we’ve got your back. We recommend exploring our partner’s free finance brokerage services to ensure your venture is backed by the right financing solutions.


Our partners at Lendlord offer an array of financing options tailored to property investors like you. For those looking for rental properties, Lendlord’s Online Buy-to-Let Mortgage Broker provides expert assistance in securing the ideal mortgage for your investment. Alternatively, if you’re looking for short-term financing to seize that perfect flip opportunity, Lendlord’s Bridging Finance is the go-to solution. Both options ensure you have the financial support you need to maximise your property flip profits.

Supercharge Your House Flip Analysis

If you find this tool beneficial, be sure to create a free account with our partner Lendlord who helped us bring you this tool. This way, you can utilise the Property Flip Calculator whenever needed and save your results for future reference. For additional tools to assist you in assessing your investments, explore our compilation of the top four property investment analysis tools.


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