Quick Summary

How to Find the Full Address of a Property:

  1. Check the image of the front of the house
  2. If not there, open up street view
  3. Find the property
  4. Zoom in on the front door
  5. Search house number and street name on Google Maps to find postcode
Key Takeaways
  • A step-by-step guide for locating a property’s complete address on Rightmove.

When conducting thorough property analysis, having the complete address is essential. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to easily find the address of a property listed on Rightmove. 


And while you’re at it, don’t forget to explore our property analysis tools like the Buy to Let Deal Analyser and our Property Flipping Calculators, which can make the analysis process a lot easier and faster.

How to Find the Full Address of a Property

1) Check the Image of the Front


Start by looking closely at the image of the front of the property on the Rightmove listing. Is there any visible house number on the property itself or on neighbouring houses? If you spot a number, jump straight to step 5.


2) Explore the Street View


If house numbers are not apparent in the listing images, no worries – you just need to do a bit more digging. Scroll down on the Rightmove listing until you locate the map. Click on the “street view” option to open it in a separate tab.


3) Virtual Street Exploration


Depending on the marker’s placement, you might need to virtually walk up and down the street using street view. Pay attention to distinctive features that can help you identify the property you’re interested in.


4) Zeroing in on the House Number


Once you spot the property, zoom in on the front door. If you’re using a Mac, you can hover your mouse over the street view and drag two fingers downwards to zoom in further. 


In case the house number isn’t visible, analyse the neighbouring properties. Zoom in on the neighbours to the left and right of your property to understand the numbering sequence. For example, if the house on the left is number 36 and the one on the right is 40, your property is likely number 38. Remember that house numbers on the same side of the street jump up in twos.


5) Search on Google Maps

Now that you’ve found the house number and street name (found on the Rightmove listing), head over to Google Maps. Simply enter the house number and street name in the search bar. If several options are presented to you, include the beginning of the postcode (should also be on Rightmove). In a matter of seconds, you’ll have the full property address at your fingertips.

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